Wilderness Shoots

We want to capture your untamed feelings in the wild places that speak to your soul. Every person and object has a worthy story to tell. Perhaps it's of self-discovery, of coming into yourself as a piece of this planet, of finding and losing and refinding your way, of inner connection. 

We offer limited photoshoots so we can do you justice and dedicate the maximum passion for each project.

Upcoming Locations

  • Scotland: February-March 2024
  • Ireland: April 2024
  • somewhere else in mind? Let's discuss!
Gallery of Past Shoots

Rates for Wilderness Portrait Shoots

  • Adventure portrait sessions start at $600USD for an approximate half-day shoot at 1-3 locations. Rates include up to 2 hours roundtrip travel from our current location. They may increase to cover additional transportation costs and time travelling, hiking, paddling, etc. Ten carefully finished images are delivered in digital form, with each additional image priced at $50.

Rates for Wilderness Product Shoots

  • Traditional-style Food and Product shoots are priced from $50USD per image with a 5 photo minimum. Storytelling Food and Product shoots are priced from $75USD per image with a 5 photo minimum. Simple video clips can be added to shoot packages at $100 per clip.

  • Non-exclusive, personal, and limited commercial licensing for prediscussed online purposes is included. Fees are additional for exclusive, commercial print, or unlimited licensing.

Other Services

  • Non-exclusive, limited commercial licensing for prediscussed online purposes starts at $75.
  • Exclusive, commercial print, or unlimited licensing starts at $300.
  • Online coaching or mentoring at $50/hour.


[My] shoot at Madeira... was more than I could have imagined... Due to physical problems, I am very limited in what I can do but Wendy knew how to solve all of that: during the shoot, she organized enough time to rest, she aided me in perfecting the poses, she reassured me when I was in doubt and she kept her word: she had said she would take 'goddess-photos' and that is exactly how I felt and how the images turned out.
Besides being a warm, gentle and inspirational woman during the shoot, she offered so much more: she helped me find places I could access, even with my limitations and helped make sure my first experience with Madeira was a magical one.
I can only say that booking a shoot with Wendy, is more than worth it; for me, it was (is) a life-changing experience.

-Ayla @ayla_first_of_her_name

Oh my god. Darling, thank you so much for your talent, for everything you do. The pictures look fantastic, each one of them, so beautiful, like masterpieces. Thank you for translating my emotion... I looked at the pictures and I got goosebumps. It's something I haven't seen anywhere and I will keep this memory with me forever.

-Christina @christina_bati/Cho @cho_effect

Working with Wendy and Karl can only be defined by one word: Supreme! To add to their extreme talent and eye for beauty, their kindness was beyond measure.

The results were impeccable and it was very hard to choose only a certain amount of photos!

Because of their work, my brand was elevated to a level of professionalism and beauty that made my launch very successful. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with them and start a wonderful friendship!

If you are looking for a day to remember, professional material and a gorgeous time, they are the right people for you! Do not hesitate!

-Natalia @wandwoodsstudio

I can literally hear you talking to those trees by watching these images.
- Kristin @tiny.pieces.of.mind

How can it be that you again and again materialize scenes I have only seen in my mind? These images are like recollections of half forgotten dreams.
- Merete @nuitdenoel

You always remind me to look for the wonder and magic in the world, but also within. Because in my mind it's your inner world that you so magically connect to your surroundings.
- Tahira

What story do you want to tell?