Feel the Magic

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Collection: The Elementals

Earth, fire, water, air. This capsule size print collection distils the essence of each of the four elements that has carved the landscapes of our planet, and whose life-giving forces permeate each of our spirits.

Undine, the elemental of Water, represents passive resilience, wisdom, and the coolness of raindrops on bare skin.

Phoenix, a creature of Fire, tells of the golden kiss of sun on eyelids, the warmth of the stars above and planetary hearts below, eternal hope and rebirth.

Gaia, goddess of the Earth, entwines us into the underground network of comprehension that connects trees and all rooted growing things, nourishes our spirit beneath her boughs, and reminds us that everything happens in cycles.

Sylph, the elemental of Air, tears away unnecessary layers, then whispers to us of freedom through surrender, and if we allow her, will carry us with a powerful fluidity to destinations limited only by our imagination.